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Very Long Baseline Array


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BLNR 3/25/10 Meeting Minutes – Mauna Kea CMP Sub-Plans

ltemK-l Request for Approval of the Natural Resources Management Plan,
Cultural Resource Management Plan, Public Access Plan,
Decommissioning Plan, Project Development and Management
Framework, and Approval of Delegation ofImplementing Authority
from the University of Hawaii Board of Regents to the Office of
Mauna Kea Management, Pursuant to the Mauna Kea
Comprehensive Management Plan
Copies of these documents may be viewed on-line at
These […]

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Picture of a rental jeep on Puu Kanakaleonui in 11/2007

The picture below has an EXIF time stamp of 11/29/07 6:28pm.
It is located at this website.
Since the owner of that website lives in San Diego, California I am guessing that the correct time would be 3:28pm Hawaii time.
Besides the jeep on the puu, the picture also shows other off-road activity.

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Off-roading at Puu Kanakaleonui in Aug. 28, 2005

The picture below taken in August 28, 2005 at 11:34am at the foot of a four-wheel drive trail to the top of Puu Kanakaleonui.  It show numerous track of vehicles leading up the puu.  The date and time was derived from the EXIF information in the photo which agrees with the time stamp information in […]

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Mauna Kea Public Access Plan (draft) available for review

Source link :  http://www.malamamaunakea.org/newsinfo.php?article_id=109
PublicAccessPlan_Draft_Nov09 (local file)

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R-1 Mapping Project

The field trips below are Google Earth kml or kmz files.  They contain the tracks and pictures from each trip. If you want an overlay image of the USGS maps download the following file: MKmaps.kmz
Field Trip 1/11/09: R1-090111.kmz
Field Trip 3/3/09: R1-090303.kmz
Field Trip 9/20/09: R1-090920.kmz
Field Trip 9/27/09:R1-090927.kmz
Field Trip 10/4/09: R1-091004.kmz
Field Trip 10/11/09: R1-091011.kmz
Field Trip 10/18/09: R1-091018.kmz
! […]

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OHV: DOFAW on the R-1 Recreational Permit Program

[ November 24, 2009; 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm. ] Mr Irving Kawashima of the Hilo DOFAW office will make a presention regarding the status of the R-1 Recreational Permit Program. All OHV members are invited.  Also any Hunter members interested are also invited to attend.

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Stay of execution for the R-1 Recreational Riding Permit program

Rumors have been flying about for the past several weeks that DOFAW was going to discontinue allowing ATV and motorcycle access to Mauna Kea’s R-1 and R-10. The presumed reason was continuing off-road riding at Puu Kanakaleonui. Several versions of the rumors where citing different conditions of closure, and […]

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Future observatory at Puu Makanaka?

Is the State planning a future telescope on Puu Makanaka?  The circle shape with the three bumps are the boundary of UH’s Science Reserve.  Those bumps include three Puus, including Puu Makanaka in their lease.  Why are they there?  The UH has paved the summit road within the 2.5 mile radius […]

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Looking for bugs on Puu Makanaka?

In 2002, at the May 7 meeting of the Mauna Kea Management Board the Director reported on a field trip to do a survey of Wekiu bugs on Puu Makanaka.
“During the last two weeks of April and first week of May, a group of biologists and cultural
specialists from the Bishop Museum, U.S. Fish […]

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