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Various research documents relating to land use and access issues.

Research links: The Sunshine Law is Hawaii’s open meetings law. It governs the manner in which all state and county boards must conduct their official business. OHELO is a community service project of the William S. Richardson School of Law Environmental Law Program that provides a “one stop” research library for those interested in Hawai‘i environmental law. The Office of Environmental Quality Control (OEQC) was established in 1970 to help stimulate, expand and coordinate efforts to maintain the optimum quality of the State’s environment. OEQC implements Ch. 343, HRS Environmental Impact Statements. Office planners review and comment on hundreds of environmental disclosure documents each year. At the request of the Governor, the Director of OEQC is empowered to coordinate and direct State agencies in matters concerning environmental quality. Office of Environmental Quality Control

Public shared documents website including EA and EIS online library. Digital Repository of the University of Hawaii at Manoa Library The Library of Congress, Search Newspaper page

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