NASA activities on Mauna Kea at Hale Pohaku (follow-up)

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I took another trip to Hale Pohaku to see how NASA is doing in cleaning up the area.  Seems they still have some “Resource Remediation” to accomplish. These pictures were taken 2/24/10.

A question to consider.  Similar damage done by renegades at Puu Kanakaleonui is deemed to be sacrilegious by DLNR, but not here?  Is the difference in perception due to that Puu Haiwahine is not considered sacred by DLNR or because in this case it is NASA that is the offender?

Click on thumbnails below the slide show for the original images.

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1 Response to NASA activities on Mauna Kea at Hale Pohaku (follow-up)

  1. John Hamilton says:

    Just came across this blog.
    This field test was performed by UH-Hilo and hosted NASA technicians and engineers along with corporate contractors. Site was returned to better that original condition, including raking of tire tracks.
    In my 25 years of working on Mauna Kea (and enjoying this valley), I have personally witnessed and documented private vehicles performing donuts and skids, as well as attempting hill climbs. This area is also an illegal shooting range, with a multitude of spent and unspent ordinance found on the ground.
    The luas were the property of Kona Lua and they were the ones responsible for removal.
    Lastly, NASA (or anyone else there) did not blast rocks (or anything else) with lasers.
    These rocks are weathered. Natural cleavage. Ask any geologist.

    I would be happy to meet with the author on this matter. We want factual information on the web. An we also support full public usage of this area.

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