Na Ala Hele, Report to the Legislature, November 2006

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“Due to increasing interest from Big Island OHV enthusiast requesting an authorized area
to ride, NAH collaborated with a Big Island OHV club in 2004 to establish an OHV
riding area in the Upper Waiakea Forest Reserve. This is a planted forest that will be
subject to future timber harvest. Using the existing grid line/harvest access routes created
when the trees were planted, NAH and OHV riders mapped out and then cleared grid
lines to establish the OHV trail. The trail is an irregular loop for ATVs and off-road
motorcycles. While short compared to national mileage for OHV areas, it provides 22
miles of authorized OHV use on public land where none existed before. NAH and OHV
users also coordinated with the local pig hunters who also use the area, in order to
minimize potential conflict between the two user groups. This project was the subject of
national recognition, with NAH Hawaii Trail Specialist, Irv Kawashima, receiving an
award in June of 2006 from the Coalition of Recreational Trails in Washington D.C for
the design of this OHV riding area. Future plans include the establishment of a camping
area and comfort stations, and coordinating with the private company that will conduct
the timber harvest via the grid line access routes.”

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