NASA activities on Mauna Kea at Hale Pohaku

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Some pictures of a field trip today to see whats happening up at Hale Pohaku. Click on the picture to see the original quality image.

I went into the bowl from the mauka R17 road figuring correctly that I would not be challenged right of entry from that direction.  Thus I was able to get a good view.  After leaving by the same route I entered from the lower power station road to see if there where any signs indicating what is going on there.  It is a little hard to see in the last picture, but the sign on the saw horse says “No entry”.  On the way in I had passed a couple of workers walking towards the highway; upon  leaving I stopped to talk to them.  I asked ‘what’s with’ the no entry sign.  I was told that there was traffic leaving the site and they wanted to avoid difficulty with vehicles going down the road.  I then said “then you put up the sign only when vehicles are leaving?”.  No answer.  I then pointed out that the sign being not very professional would probably be ignored.  I was asked who I represented, was I there to check the power station?  I said that I was just a private citizen and not from any agency.  I was told that they would relay my comment about the sign.

by Wayne
Links to full size images available from thumbnails below the slide show.

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