Tribune-Herald announces endorsements

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MKRUG disagrees with the Trib’s view but here it is for the record. Published 10/21/12.

The Tribune-Herald makes the following recommendations and endorsements for the Nov. 6 general election.


Ballot Question No. 6: Establishing a Game Management Advisory Commission

Should the county establish a Game Management Advisory Commission “that would advise county, state and federal agencies on matters related to the preservation of subsistence hunting and fishing, protection of traditional and cultural gathering rights, and the taking and conservation of aquatic life and wildlife?”

Our editorial board was divided on this issue. In theory, we like the idea of having a panel looking out for the interests of those who fish, hunt and gather — all of which are important to life on the Big Island.

On the other hand, do we really need yet another taxpayer-funded commission — one that would have zero power to make government agencies act in accordance with its recommendations?

You decide.


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