Pele Defense Fund and Hunters, Warriors in Arms

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Palikapu Dedman of Pele Defense Fund, best known as opponents of geothermal development, has teamed up with the hunters, Mauna Kea Recreational Users Group and other community action groups, in fighting the large-scale fencing and eradication projects of DLNR and other government/private agencies. Game eradication, ongoing for many years on Mauna Kea, is now being leveled on the wild pua’a (pig). To hunters it seems to be an all out war on the pua’a.

The issue, which has been simmering for many years, has come to a head in recent months when DLNR announced management plans for Natural Area Reserves in Pu’a Maka’ala and Kau. These plans include the fencing of thousands of acres and eradication of the pig living there. Of interest to other recreational users is the closure of miles of road ways which would otherwise be available for access to remote locations. It seems that public access and use is nonexistent on DLNR’s list of priorities.

Hunter’s protests in front of DLNR’s Hilo office in February lead the Mauna Kea Recreational Users Group to organize the The People’s Hearing:Hunting on February 25. That meeting which drew over 200 concerned hunters was the start of an still evolving coalition of community action groups concerned about the government’s dismal record of accountability to the public it is supposed to serve. Pele Defense Fund stepped up to the plate to create a special use fund to finance a lawsuit to support the hunters’ cause.

May 2012

To Hunters and Gatherers:

All funds received by hunters and supporters will go to immediate use for a retainer or down payment to the attorney that will file a class action law suit to stop immediate fencing and eradication of deer, sheep, goats, pigs and cattle on DLNR lands including NARS areas. We feel there is strong evidence of traditional and customary practices that has been grossly neglected in the designated fence lands to date including Department of Hawaiian Home Lands. These funds will be kept in a litigation account with PDF and only used as such. Lets all stand together and protect the resources and life style of our island for our keiki’s future. Hunting and gathering are the same. lt is not just a right but our responsibility.

Mahalo for your support and if you have any questions call Pele Defense Fund (808) 315-9996. Make checks written to: PDF Hunters.

Mahalo nui,

Palikapu Dedman
Pele Defense Fund
P.O Box 4969
Hilo, Hawai’i 96720

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