R-1 Mapping Project

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The field trips below are Google Earth kml or kmz files.  They contain the tracks and pictures from each trip. If you want an overlay image of the USGS maps download the following file: MKmaps.kmz

Field Trip 1/11/09: R1-090111.kmz

Field Trip 3/3/09: R1-090303.kmz

Field Trip 9/20/09: R1-090920.kmz

Field Trip 9/27/09:R1-090927.kmz

Field Trip 10/4/09: R1-091004.kmz

Field Trip 10/11/09: R1-091011.kmz

Field Trip 10/18/09: R1-091018.kmz

! Note: My camera fizzled out (lost ability to focus properly) at picture 0606 therafter.  Sorry about the fuzzy pics. I will have to get a new camera now.

!Note: To recreational permit holders (recreational ATV and dirt bikes), your permit only allows you to ride on R-1 (round the mountain road) and R-10 (main Skyline road).

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