The fate of Kulani Prison site up before the BLNR on Thursday 9/9/10

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There are two items of particular interest to MKRUG on the agenda of the Board of Land and Natural Resources meeting to be held next Thursday 9/9/10.  BLRN Agenda 9/9/10

One item is the expansion of the Puu Makaala Natural Area Reserve (curently the forest reserve lands along the left side of Stainback Highway and  mauka of Tree Planting Road) into the former Kulani Prison site.

C1.  Acceptance of a Hearing Master Report on a Public Hearing for a Proposed Addition to the Natural Area Reserves System, and Withdrawal of Portions of Governor’s Executive Orders 1225 and 1588 and Re-Set Aside as an Extension of Puu Makaala Natural Area Reserve, and Immediate Management Right-of-Entry, for TMK (3) 2-4-08:09 (POR), South Hilo, Hawaii    (Related to Item D-3)

The other is a set aside to the State DOD (Hawaii Army National Guard) to operate a Youth ChaleNGe Academy at the former prison compound and for troop training to include former pasture land and the former boys school.

D3. Cancellation of Governor’s Executive Order Nos. 1225 and 1588 and Reset Aside Portion to State of Hawaii, Department of Defense, for Youth ChalleNGe Academy and Hawaii Army National Guard Training Purposes, with an Access and Utility Easement Reserved to the Department of Land and Natural Resources, Division of Forestry and Wildlife, Waiakea, South Hilo, Hawaii, Tax Map Key: (3) 2-4-08:09 por.;

Cancellation of Governor’s Executive Order No. 3678 and Grant of Perpetual Non-Exclusive Easement to Department of Defense for Access and Utility Purposes, Waiakea, South Hilo, Hawaii, Tax Map Keys: (3) 2-4-08: por. & 1-8-12: por.  (Related to Item C-1)

This is a very important decision for the Board which will affect access rights to and through this area for many years to come.   Please let your Council know your thoughts.  Email to

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