Office of Mauna Kea Management (OMKM)

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Office of Mauna Kea Management

Stephanie Nagata, Director
Kukahauʻula (IFA) Building, Room 206
640 N. Aʻohoku Place, Hilo, HI 96720
Phone: (808) 933-0734
The Office of Mauna Kea Management (OMKM) was established in August 2000 by UH Hilo Chancellor Rose Tseng in response to the adoption of the Mauna Kea Science Reserve Master Plan by the University of Hawaiʻi Board of Regents. As defined by the Master Plan, OMKM is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Master Plan, including the stewardship function for the entire Mauna Kea Science Reserve.

Also in accordance with the Master Plan, the Chancellor appoints community members to serve on the seven-member Mauna Kea Management Board (MKMB) and nine-member Kahu Ku Mauna council, which serve as advisors to the Chancellor.

OMKM, MKMB, and Kahu Ku Mauna share a jointly formulated mission statement: “Achieve harmony, balance and trust in the sustainable management and stewardship of the Mauna Kea Science Reserve through community involvement and programs that protect, preserve and enhance the natural, cultural and recreational resources of Mauna Kea while providing a world-class center dedicated to education, research and astronomy.”

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