Future observatory at Puu Makanaka?

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Is the State planning a future telescope on Puu Makanaka?  The circle shape with the three bumps are the boundary of UH’s Science Reserve.  Those bumps include three Puus, including Puu Makanaka in their lease.  Why are they there?  The UH has paved the summit road within the 2.5 mile radius of their lease to control dust.  In the map below the red circle represents a 2.5 mile radius around Puu Makanaka.  Could the dust from vehicles on R-1 and other roads in the vicinity of Puu Kanakaleonui create a dust problem for an observatory there?  How would they access Puu Makanaka? Road from the summit or R-1?

Some may say that the UH has limited Observatory development to the 525 acre “astronomy precinct”  which includes the existing summit telescopes and, coincidently, the proposed location for the Thiry Meter Telescope (TMT), but not including the VLBA. ???   Of course the “astronomy precinct” was created only by action of the UH Board of Regents and presumably be changed by the same means.


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