Looking for bugs on Puu Makanaka?

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In 2002, at the May 7 meeting of the Mauna Kea Management Board the Director reported on a field trip to do a survey of Wekiu bugs on Puu Makanaka.

“During the last two weeks of April and first week of May, a group of biologists and cultural
specialists from the Bishop Museum, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Natural Area Reserves System
(NAR), and State Historic Preservation Division (SHPD), participated in a survey of wēkiu in the
Science Reserve and Ice Age NAR. One of the objectives of the survey was to begin gathering data
on the spatial distribution of the wēkiu on Mauna Kea, particularly in areas that were not previously
or extensively surveyed in the past including Pu‘u Makanaka and Keonehehe‘e.

Ed Stevens provided a cultural orientation of Mauna Kea to the entire group the evening prior to the
survey teams heading into the field. Holly McEldowney (SHPD) and Guy Kaulukukui (Bishop
Museum) accompanied the teams working in the NAR and Pu‘u Makanaka, respectively. They
provided cultural advice, including how to proceed if the survey crews encountered an archeological

Puu Makanaka is on the north-east outer edge of the Science Reserve lease near to Puu Kanakaleonui.  The wekiu is the same bug that gave them grief at the summit.  Why were they bothering? What about the miles of area in between?


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