Who is the Ahahui Ku Mauna anyway?

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In 2008 (I’m not sure of the exact time because I lost my notes) I atended a meeting at the Hilo DOFAW office about what to do about illegal off-road riding at Puu Kanalaleonui.  In attendance were members of the Rock Island Riders and officials from DOWFAW, National Parks, Mauna Kea rangers and DOCARE. Also in attendance was Mr. Ed Stevens that I interpreted to be a representative from the Hawaiian Community.

One of the ideas that came from this meeting was that a sign would be placed at the puu to communicated the sacredness of the site.  The wording was to be provided by Mr. Stevens’ group and paid for by DOWFAW (Na Ala Hele?).

The sign says it is posted by Ahahui Ku Mauna.  According to Allan Ikawa, former member of the UH Board of Regents, Ahahui Ku Mauna was formed in 2000 by Senator Inouye and his representative Bill Kikuchi.  (see http://mk200.com/mkrug/?p=27 )


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