Follow Up Call from Russel Kokubun’s Office re: MKRUG letter to Laura Thielen

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Received a call from Stephanie at Senator Kokubun’s office about 4pm this afternoon. She said that she and Russel had not heard anything for a while and wanted an update on the status of a permit for next year’s event.  I told her that we received a reply from Paul Conry that we thought was just a pat response saying basically that the department could require whatever they thought was necessary but not explaining any justification for the conditions that had been required.

I explained that we decided to wait until after the Federal RTP audit of DLNR which took place in July; that we had met with Mayor Kenoi, who offered his assistance if necessary, and Rob Pacheco the Hawaii Island BLNR member who offered good advice on how to negotiate a MOA with the local DOFAW office.

I told her that the RIR had heard that we woule not have to work with the particular employee who was giving us trouble. Also that we would be drafting up a proposed MOA for future events that we would be proposing to the local DOFAW office. I said we would see how that goes and that we would let her know if any trouble was encountered in the future.

Stephanie’s office number 808-586-6760

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