Call from Russel Kokubun’s Office re: MKRUG letter to Laura Thielen

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I received a two calls from Stephanie at Senator Russel Kokubun’s office this morning 4/28/10. Her call was in response to having received a copy of MKRUG’s letter to Laura Thielen regarding the cancellation of the Mauna Kea 200.  The conversation in the first call was as a member of the Rock Island Riders. The second conversation was from the point of view of the MKRUG.  Late that same afternoon the Senator himself called me to discuss the issues. He pressed me for the name of the person giving us trouble (Kawashima) and for details of the meeting with DOFAW (Kawashima & Imoto).  He said he didn’t know him but had met Roger Imoto. He said he knew Paul Conry and would get back to me after doing some investigation.

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