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Stop illegal hunting

Kudos to the Keaau landowners who are working with the police to stop illegal hunting and criminal trespassing on their property.

Sadly, property owners in Hawaii are not immune to the actions of arrogant and lawbreaking hunters who feel that a hunting license is also a trespassing license and a license to break the law.

Our office is regularly contacted by property owners who are fed up with illegal hunting activity that results in animals dying in their yards, arrows being shot near their swimming pools, and shotgun blasts slamming into the walls of their barns. When acting in their own defense, wildlife law-enforcement agencies are quick to blame the property owners and file charges of “hunter harassment.”

With so few conservation agents to cover hundreds of millions of acres of property open to hunting, there is no doubt that the majority of hunting violations take place undetected.

To join our members and supporters in Hawaii and throughout the mainland in learning what you can do to protect  yourself from illegal hunting activity, visit

Joe Miele
President, Committee to
Abolish Sport Hunting
Las Cruces, New Mexico

Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting website

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The C.A.S.H. website hosted by

C.A.S.H. states it is a committee of the Wildlife Watch, Inc.

A partial quote from the CASH mission statement:

“…we strive to engender among citizens outrage that their own rights are violated by legal hunting…”

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