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HPD:A hunting accident in Puna last month…

Hawai’i Police Department
Puna District
Captain Samuel Jeslma
Phone: 966-5835
July 15, 2010
Report No. C10017394

Media Release (update)
A hunting accident in Puna last month has landed the victim in federal detention and motivated farm owners to rally against illegal hunting.
On June 19, just before 7 a.m., police and fire personnel responded to a report of an accidental […]

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BLNR 6/10/10 Meeting Minutes Relating to Kulani NARS/DOD

ltemD-22 Termination of Revocable Permit No. S-6445 to the Kulani
Correctional Facility, Department of Social Services and Housing,
Issuance of Revocable Permit to State of Hawaii, Department of
Defense, Panaewa, Waiakea, South HHo, Hawaii, Tax Map Key: 3″d/
2-4-49: 13 por.
Mr. Atta communicated it was discovered by Land Division that the original revocable
permit (RP) issued to Department of […]

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BLNR 3/25/10 Meeting Minutes – Mauna Kea CMP Sub-Plans

ltemK-l Request for Approval of the Natural Resources Management Plan,
Cultural Resource Management Plan, Public Access Plan,
Decommissioning Plan, Project Development and Management
Framework, and Approval of Delegation ofImplementing Authority
from the University of Hawaii Board of Regents to the Office of
Mauna Kea Management, Pursuant to the Mauna Kea
Comprehensive Management Plan
Copies of these documents may be viewed on-line at
These […]

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Proposed Changes To Hunting Rules

The Land Board approved public hearings for proposed hunting rule changes. My guess is that they will be scheduled in late August. You can review the changes proposed by accessing the following link: http://hawaii.gov/dlnr/chair/meeting/submittals/100708/C-FW-Submittals-C2.pdf.
Filed under Hunting for obvious reasons and General Access for possible cross-over ramifications.

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